Webinars organized as part of the 2nd cycle of GSEF2021 preparatory series of webinars

Date Language Title
16 June 2020 French Relance et création d'emplois décents à travers l'ESS
24 June 2020 Spanish Recuperar y desarrollar trabajos dignos a través de la ESS
30 June 2020 English Recovery and Development of Decent Work through SSE

Webinars organized as part of the second round of our series focused on the theme Recovery and Development of Decent Work through SSE. More specifically, speakers examined and shared their insights on key issues such as the impacts the COVID-19 crisis had on employment, in particular from the perspective of preservation and creation of decent jobs, the SSE sector activities, and the economic empowerment of marginalized groups; and, what steps needs to be taken to ensure that the SSE leads the way toward decent work for all, as well as guarantee the ecological and sustainable transition of our economies.  

Webinar on 'Relance et création d'emplois décents à travers l'ESS' - 16 June

This webinar in French gathered over 80 participants from all continents.


  • Ms. Malika Ghefrane Giorgi, Special Advisor, Network of Local Elected Women of Africa (REFELA), United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) Africa
  • Mr. Dara Huot, Director, Phare Performing Social Enterprise, Cambodia
  • Mr. Patrick Klein, Social Economy Team Leader, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission
  • Mr. Kevin Ossah, Directeur Exécutif, Organization for Youth Committed to Sustainable Development (OJEDD INTERNATIONAL), Togo
  • Mr. Gianluca Salvatori, Director, EURICSE
  • Ms. Fatmata Sesay, Regional Policy Advisor, UN Women Africa

Moderator: Ms. Laurence Kwark, Secretary General, GSEF

During the registration process, participants were invited to respond to a few optional questions as a part of a survey aimed at providing an overview of the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on the SSE sector in their respective territories. The outcomes of this survey were shared and commented at the beginning of the webinar and are available below (in French only).

Survey Webinaire cycle 2

The speakers' presentations are available in the Download section of this page.

Webinar on 'Recuperar y desarrollar trabajos dignos a través de la ESS' - 24 June

Opening remarks

  • Mr. Juan Manuel Martínez Louvier, General Director, of the National Institute of Social Economy in Mexico (INAES)  
  • Ms. Laurence Kwark, Secretary General, GSEF 
  • Ms. Soledad Aragón Martínex, Secretary of Work and Job Promotion Division (STyFE), Mexico City Government


  • Mr. David Pino, Director of Innovation and Social Economy, Seville City Government, Spain  
  • Ms. Susana Puerto González, Coordinator of the Global Initiative on Decent Work for Youth, ILO, Switzerland
  • Mr. Leandro Pereira Morais, Member of the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy in Brazil
  • Ms. María Eugenia Pérez Zea, Executive Director of the Colombian Association of Cooperatives (ASCOOP), Colombia
  • Mr. Helmut Schwarzer, Director and Senior Specialist on Social Protection and Economic Development, ILO Mexico

Moderator: Ms. Judith Olmedo Azar, General Director of Social and Solidarity Economy, Work and Job Promotion Division (STyFE), Mexico City Government

Key discussions points

First round

  • What are the good practices of the SSE that contribute to the creation, protection, and transitioning towards decent jobs? 
  • How social enterprises can contribute to the creation of decent jobs?

Second round

  • What lessons have we learned from the SSE towards strengthening social and economic inclusion of vulnerable sectors?
  • How can we replicate the good practices of the SSE at a global, regional, and local level? How do we even start in Latin America?

The presentation materials and the summary of the Q&A session of this webinar are available in the Download section below. 

Webinar on 'Recovery and Development of Decent Work through SSE' - 30 June 

Key Discussion Points:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on different sectors, especially on underprivileged groups in informal sector;
  • Mapping of initiatives planned or implemented by the public & private sectors and SSE organizations and enterprises (SSEOES) to overcome the negative impact of the crisis on the informal sector, especially in terms of decent jobs;
  • Recommendations of new policy directions/frameworks to public authorities and SSE actors to lead the way toward a sustainable recovery of our economies and decent work for all in the post COVID-19 era.

You may find the Powerpoint presentations in the Download section below.