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GSEF2021 Mexico City: Call for proposal is open!

The Call for proposals for the 5th Global Social Economy Forum GSEF2021 is open!


5th Global Social Economy Forum GSEF2021 Mexico City 

Local Governments and Social Economy: co-creation of paths for a green and inclusive economy

Do you implement or conduct research on Social and Solidarity Economy practices?
Do you want to make your voice heard globally?

Local governments play an essential role in creating ecosystems based on a more green, inclusive and sustainable economy, through a new architecture that allows, together with communities, to respond to current crises, in order to ensure equal opportunities, the protection of the environment, promote access to decent work, support social entrepreneurship and stimulate the economic proximity of local products and companies. Likewise, private, social and academic sectors are also fundamental actors for these purposes and through their practices they determine the new post-pandemic paths in order to strengthen Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in collaboration with governments.

Therefore, for this edition of GSEF Forum we open the Call for proposals to all sectors of our society to join in the search for alternative ways to foster new development under 5 sub-themes.


  1. Build and rebuild an inclusive community
  2. Education, learning and research for Social and Solidarity Economy  
  3. Contribution to ecological transformation from SSE  
  4. Promote diverse and innovative mechanisms of social finance 
  5. Develop the territorial and international alliances  

Steps to follow   

1. Visit the website, choose the language: Spanish, French, or English.
2. Click Participate on the menu list on top
3. Click Call GSEF2021 , then Registration format 
4. Choose the Category you would like to apply (Individual initiative / Self-organized sessions)
3. Fill out and submit the form by May 15, 2021, 23:59 (GMT-6)


1. Individual initiative - round tables                                                           Click here to apply 
  • Individuals or institutions with initiatives on the subtheme of their interest may apply to be part of the thematic round tables during the Forum from October 4 to 8.
  • The selection committee will evaluate and group relevant topics for thematic roundtables, with a total duration of approximately one hour and a half. Generally, three to five initiatives are invited, from different countries or sectors, under a common theme.
2. Self-organized sessions                                                                              Click here to apply
  • Individuals or institutions may organize their own session, with the possibility to propose own title, moderator, panelists and co-organizing institutions to invite, among other elements.
  • The selected self-organized sessions will have a space for participation during the GSEF2021 Forum depending on the relevant subthemes.


Launch of the GSEF2021 Call for proposals 2 March 2021
Submission Deadline 15 May
(23:59pm Mexico time)
Publication of results and contact
with the selected proposals
End May 2021
Global Social Economy Forum GSEF2021 4 to 8 October of 2021
For more information please refer to the Call for proposals document which you can downlod below or send email to or
Find more information here and join us!