The GSEF2023 Call for Proposals is now open!

The 6th edition of the Global Social Economy Forum, GSEF2023 Dakar, will take place from 1-6 May 2023 in Dakar (Senegal). This event is co-organized by the City of Dakar and the Network of Actors and Local Authorities for Social and Solidarity Economy (RACTES), in partnership with the Ministry of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy of Senegal.

The Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF) is one of the most prestigious and largest gatherings on social and solidarity economy (SSE) that brings together, every two years, all stakeholders in the area of SSE, from local and national governments to civil society organizations and networks, international organizations, academia & research institutions, as well as private sector actors, with the objective to share practices, experiences, policies, and visions towards building a more inclusive, equitable, solidarity-based and human-centered world.

Through this Call for Proposals, the GSEF2023 Dakar Forum intends to empower all the initiatives emerging from territories as well as local actors around the world to collectively build a path towards a less capitalist, more human-centered new model of development.


The main theme, Social and Solidarity Economy & Territories: Transitioning from Informal Economies to Collective and Sustainable Economies for our Territories, will be explored through seven themes and two special events on Youth and Women around which you are all invited to submit your proposals.

  • Theme 1: Co-constructing public policies for collective and sustainable economies conducive to decent jobs for young people and women
  • Theme 2: Sustainable blue economy, preservation of artisanal fishing, creation of new sustainable jobs, and social & environmental protection
  • Theme 3: Collective and sustainable 'green' economy for the territories, food self-sufficiency and its governance
  • Theme 4: Solidarity & sustainable digital economy and smart territories
  • Theme 5: Financing collective and sustainable economies for the territories
  • Theme 6: Policy dialogue: National & local governments and key stakeholders of collective and sustainable economies for the territories
  • Theme 7: Social and Solidarity Economy and sustainable development: links between practices and research
  • Special Event: Pre-forum on Youth and SSE - Collective and Sustainable Entrepreneurship for the Territories: Solutions for the Inclusion of Youth from Here and Beyond! 
  • Special Event: Women & SSE Day - Social and Economic Empowerment of Women and Territorialization of Sustainable Public Policies


You may submit a proposal under one of the two following categories:

  • Individual Initiatives
  • Self-organized Sessions

Individuals and legal entities (private or public organizations) wishing to present their initiatives on the theme of their choice are invited to submit a proposal to be part of one of the thematic workshops of the GSEF2023 Forum.
The Scientific Committee will select similar initiatives to be presented in a thematic workshop (expected duration: approximately 90 minutes). Typically, three to five initiatives will be invited to be presented under a common theme, in order to reflect the diversity of experiences and contexts.


Private and public entities are invited to submit proposals for the organization of sessions in the framework of the GSEF2023 Forum, for which they are free to propose, inter alia, the topic, the moderator, speakers, and the co-organizing institutions.
Organizations having submitted selected proposals will be provided space for participation during the GSEF2023 Forum. It should be noted that the co-organizing entities must agree to cover all costs related to the organization of their respective session.


For more information, please refer to the explanatory note available in the 'Download' section at the bottom of this page. 


Proposals in both categories will be reviewed and a selection will be made by the GSEF2023 Scientific Committee formed for this Call. Gender balance, geographic diversity, and other important factors including the representation of youth, women, people with disabilities, and indigenous peoples will be considered at the time of selection.

Preference will be given to:

1) GSEF member organizations
2) Projects and initiatives built around or highlighting:

  • The collaboration between governments and SSE organizations & enterprises for the co-creation of public policies
  • Social innovation with a social and economic purpose
  • Public policies aimed at achieving the SDGs through SSE


  Deadline for submission: midnight (UTC), 27 May 2022


* Proposals must be submitted in one of the following languages: English, French, or Spanish.
* Only proposals submitted via the online submission forms will be taken into consideration (links are available on this page and in the enclosed explanatory note).
* Organizations and individuals whose proposal is selected will be contacted within a month following the closing of the call for proposals.

For further information or any inquiry, please contact: /