Great Challenges, Greater Solidarity: Power of Community and SSE as a Path for Transformation

GSEF and GSEF2021 Mexico's Local Organizing Committee (LOC) presented the GSEF Global Virtual Forum October 2020 with the central theme 'Great Challenges, Greater Solidarity: Power of Community and SSE as a Path for Transformation', which took place from 19th to 23rd October 2020.

ore than 8.500 people participated in dialogues between different social actors to reflect and think about education, the role of youth, cooperation, gender perspective, digitalization processes, environment, and sustainability, among other issues, under SSE . The Forum had 30 sessions and 5 plenary sessions, under the themes “SSE in times of great challenges: a strategy for inclusion and well-being”, “Civil and public initiatives to consolidate SSE: convergences among actors and sectors”, “New digitalization era and the future of work: challenges and opportunities”, “New solidarity for an ecological transition” and “Social economy as a mechanism to solve the great global challenges from the local and territorial perspective”. 
As a product of the Global Virtual Forum, three documents were created collecting and expressing the ideas and knowledge shared and produced during the sessions. 

  • 100 ideas:  contains a compilation of the 100 most important ideas extracted from all the sessions and plenaries, combining the knowledge generated and shared during the Global Virtual Forum. It is available in English, French and Spanish. 
  • Pathways and Challenges to enhance the SSE:  collects the dialogues and reflections that emerged during the forum on one of the most important questions, “How to transform the present and build a better future from the SSE?”. It is available in English and Spanish. 
  • General Report: offers a great compilation and summary of the meetings, webinars and the Global Virtual Forum towards GSEF2021, reviewing the most important and relevant activities of GSEF. It is available in English and Spanish. 

Please visit the GSEF2021 official website for all the reports and more information ! 

In case you miss some sessions due to the time difference, It is alright.
You can find all the video recordings on our youtube channel or GSEF2021 official website.

Our week-long forum was organized around:

  • 5 Plenaries with simultaneous translation in English, French, and Spanish;
  • Thematic sessions on youth, women, local governments, civil society, researchers, and indigenous communities;
  • Self-Organized Sessions initiated and organized by our members and partner organizations
  • Special sessions presenting initiatives in various areas of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) 

To download the Program, please refer to the link below.