New Taipei City

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May 2020

New Taipei City, home to over 4 million people, is the most populated city in Taiwan and yet still growing as one of the youngest cities in the nation. With a land size eight times larger than its neighbor, Taipei City, NTPC boasts not only diverse natural landscapes but also a highly urbanized lifestyle. Having nurtured a number of the world's top IT, biotech, and computer peripherals manufacturers, NTPC keeps attracting tycoons like Amazon and Google to settle their innovation centers in.
In 2015, the NTPC government launched the 'New Taipei Social Enterprises Development Center' in Sanchong District, providing space, facilities, networks, and opportunities for SSE startups. Furthermore, in 2019, NTPC published its first SDGs VLR and joined Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA), boosting the morale in its transforming to a smart, resilient, and sustainable city.
New Taipei City Government brings social enterprises various consultative services such as branding, marketing, business model modifying, and vocational training. Since 2015, it has incubated more than 60 social enterprises and has further connected the network with a wide range of minority groups. For instance, it has reached out to migrants, indigenous people, single-parent families, and rare disease patients to assist them in developing a career or starting their own business.