Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Co-operation (LVRLAC) - Tanzania Chapter

Member since: 
February 2020

Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Co-operation (Tanzania Chapter) is a network of 40 local governments. LVRLAC was founded in 1997 to coordinate and strengthen collaborative efforts by local authorities within the Lake Victoria Basin towards sustainably harnessing the region's resources and promoting the well-being of the riparian communities.

LVRLAC main actors are local governments working in connection with grassroots communities. The network is geared towards enhancing the role of local authorities in promoting sustainable development in the Lake Victoria Basin on a socio-economic basis.


To contribute to a Lake Victoria region in which local authorities are effectively networked for the sustainable development of common resources for the harmonious coexistence of local communities.


LVRLAC's mission is to support member local authorities through the building of strategic partnerships, the harmonization of policies, and the promotion of knowledge on best practices that enhance the capacity of local authorities to provide better living standards, services, and opportunities for the sustainable development of the Lake Victoria region.
LVRLAC implements activities in a range of domains including poverty alleviation, environment management, climate change mitigation, micro-community economies improvement, and the preservation of  Lake Victoria resources. 
LVRLAC funding and budget relies mostly on membership contributions from local governments and the support from various partners.

LVRLAC is a member of the Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT) and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI).