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GSEF2020 Mexico City


GSEF2020, as the first Global Social Economy Forum taking place in Latin America, will illustrate the long history and great cultural diversity in the region. The 5th GSEF Forum will showcase creative ideas and visions, highlight practical proposals, and provide collaboration opportunities on how Social and Solidarity Economy can contribute to building inclusive and sustainable societies for everyone as a response to the current important momentum of political and social changes arising globally, as it is the case in Mexico.

Theme: Social and Solidarity Economy for sustainable, inclusive development and Wellbeing
Date: 21(Wed) – 23(Fri) October 2020 
Venue: Teatro Metropolitan and other historic buildings in the city center of Mexico City, Zocalo (TBC) 
Organizers: GSEF, Mexico City Government, National Institute of Social Economy in Mexico (INAES)
Participation: Local and central governments, Social and Solidarity Economy actors such as cooperatives, social enterprises, social finance institutions, universities and researchers
Main events: Opening and closing ceremonies, plenary sessions, thematic workshops, pre-forums & networking events, site visits  


  • Exchange experiences of sustainable economic development based on the Social Economy, as well as on community entrepreneurship
  • Identify projects or initiatives of public policies in line with achievement of sustainable development goals through Social and Solidarity Economy based in the communities both in rural and urban areas, with special emphasis on indigenous peoples and communities
  • Identify the most representative challenges of the Social and Solidarity Economy and discuss on how to find local solutions or alternatives for its adequate execution
  • Reinforce actions that encourage the establishment and strengthening of the Social and Solidarity Economy integrated by networks of cooperatives and other Social and Solidarity Economy forms
  • Underline the relevance of the Social and Solidarity Economy in the job creation, in the strengthening of sustainable and fair production chains and in the direct benefits for the community
  • Ensure the transversal participation of young people, women, indigenous peoples and First Nations in all aspects of the forum 

GSEF2020's themes and sub-themes are as follows: 

Economic development & Wellbeing

  1. Social finance, social banks and social investment
  2. Agents for the transition; technology and instruments to mitigate poverty
  3. integration and localization of Sustainable Development Goals in a systemic way
  4. Culture of wellbeing; public policies, projects and best practices to promote wellbeing through the Social and Solidarity Economy 
  5. Food systems 
  6. Future of work 

Environmental resiliency

  1. Relationship between urban and rural areas
  2. Food security and food sovereignty
  3. Mobility and connectivity, sustainable habitat
  4. Ecological city

SSE for inclusiveness, social cohesion, culture and migration, solidarity and equity

  1. Social issues: How SSE addresses social inclusion, migration and social cohesion 
  2. Migration initiatives
  3. Inclusive and equal culture of the Social and Solidarity Economy  
  4. North-South collaboration; collaboration at local, regional and international level

Democratic governance

  1. Governance of enterprises and organizations of the Social and Solidarity Economy 
  2. Governance of networks & representing structures of the Social and Solidarity Economy 
  3. Dialogue between Social and Solidarity Economy actors and governments, alliances and networks, as means to influence policy making
  4. Commons; common platforms for the development  
  5. Social impact, measurement and management of the social impact  

As part of the GSEF2020, there will be Pre-forums on 5 transversal themes that are fundamentally connected to the principles of the Social and Solidarity Economy: Indigenous peoples and communities, Youth, Women, Local Governments & Public Policies and Day for researchers.

Besides the 4 thematic pillars of the Forum, these transversal themes will bring opportunities to reflect on relevant important current issues and search for best solutions responding to the actual challenges for an inclusive and sustainable society through collective, collaborative and human approaches.  
There will be Pre-forums and networking events under these themes in the form of workshops, debates, networking meetings throughout the GSEF2020.