Organisation of Youth Committed to Sustainable Development (OJEDD)

Member since: 
July 2019

The Organisation of Youth Committed to Sustainable Development (OJEDD) is an association that brings together a community of young ChangeMakers that realized the importance of the role of the youth in the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda and pushes for sustainable development by putting forth concrete actions and projects for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. The association is based in Togo and acts globaly. It is comprised of official representatives in Cameroon and Nigeria. 

The organisation is active in five key areas:

  • environment
  • education
  • health
  • agriculture
  • entrepreneurship

Moreover, the association is also interested in matters concerning the environment and climate change, civic engagement, green entrepreneurship and mobilisation of the youth, sustainable cities and communities, ICTs and tech, renewable energy and energy efficiency. 


A world where youth is at the front of sustainable development through its involvement. A world more lasting and sustainable where each human is an actor for change towards sustainability. 


Improving living conditions of the communities through sustainable development with the involvement of youth. 

Several Projects: 

  • Educational Program on the Environment and Sustainable Development (Pro2ED) and Fair on Environment and Sustainable Development (FEDD)
  • AgriPro: program on agriculture and food self-sufficiency
  • COPinMyCity: simulation of climate negotiations/CliMates
  • Innov'City: Competition of innovative initiatives contributing to the sustainable development of the city/CliMates
  • Action_Ozone: training program for the protection of the ozone layer
  • EcoCamp: ecological camp for sustainable development
  • ExpoDurable: exposition of creative pieces (photos, drawings, art,...) themed around sustainable city
  • RSEPro: collaboration and actions with businesses on their CSR procedures and promotion of SSE

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