Network of Local Authorities for a Solidarity Economy (RTES)

Member since: 
July 2019

The Network of Local Authorities for a Solidarity Economy (RTES) brings together local authorities who actively participate in the development of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in their territory.

In 2018, the network brought together more than 130 authorities: Regional councils, County councils,, Metropolises, Intermunicipalities and Communes, which expressed a need for a space for exchange and national coordination.

Numerous local elected officials seek to get their territory to be involved in sustainable development and participatory democracy, which mobilise local resources and put forward social and human aspects of the economy. For them, this means to fight against all discrimination and to put the people at the heart of the economy. 

In 2001, these elected officials highlighted the need for a space to coordinate and share experiences nationally, and therefore created RTES. RTES presents itself as a meeting ground for authorities that take part in social and solidarity economy. The member authorities engage themselves around a charter, with the firm belief that SSE is capable of bringing solutions to economic, social and environmental needs to the territories. Their goal is to make this new developmental economic model known and work to make sure that SSE is recognized and carried out by local and european governments. 

RTES takes action to:

RTES also took initiative and signed the Joint declaration of networks of local authorities in favor of SSE. This declaration was signed by the Association of French Regions (ARF), the Assembly of French Departments (ADF), the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), the Assembly of French Local Authorities (AdCF), the Association of Mayors of the Greater Towns of France (AMGVF) and the Association of Rurual Mayors of France (AMRF).

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