Collective for Popular Financing (KOFIP)

Latin America and the Caribbean
Member since: 
January 2019

The Collective for Popular Financing (KOFIP) is a network consisting of more than 1500 solidarity credit unions (MUSO) in Haiti. It is driven by the commitment to implement a community financing system, and operates with the aim to provide all producers - regardless of their location or their economic level - to have access to financial tools and credits allowing them to increase their production potential. 

KOFIP has set the following goals:

  • To ensure a broad and dense coverage of solidarity credit unions throughout the country, especially in rural areas. 
  • To provide credit services adjusted to the needs and means of MUSO members, producers and farmers' organizations. 
  • To support the members of solidarity credit unions in order to enable them to fully own the system and to strengthen their skills and decision-making abilities.

KOFIP's activities can be summarized into two main areas: training and credit.

KOFIP is a member of the the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy (INAISE).