Platform of Senegalese Non-State Stakeholders (PFAnE)

Member since: 
January 2019

The Platform of Senegalese Non-State Stakeholders brings together major players from three sub-families: private sector organizations, unions and civil society.

Since 2004, it has been recognized by the National Authorising Officer and the Delegation of the European Commission in Senegal as the privileged interlocutor in the framework of the tripartite dialogue on the European Union's cooperation strategies.

Through three grants awarded as part of the 9th and 10th European Development Fund (EDF), the Platform has strengthened its partnership with the State and non-state stakeholders and asserted its role of informing all non-state actors.

Strategic plan

The new mission that the Platform has set for itself is in response to the changing citizen dynamics in Senegal, the lack of a process allowing the capitalization and valuation of experiences, and the weakness of the strategic and prospective planning within civil society.

The Platform's flagship activities

What is a non-state actor?

Non-state actors, depending on the definition adopted by a country, may include the private sector, economic and social partners (including unions), and the civil society in all its diversity.