Moroccan Platform for Social, Solidarity, and Environmental Economy (EMESSE)

Member since: 
January 2019

The Moroccan Platform for Social, Solidarity and Environmental Economy (EMESSE) is an association that was created on December 28, 2016 in Errachidia. EMESSE aims to bring together social, solidarity and environmental economy actors at the national level: associations, cooperatives, local authorities, universities and colleges, corporate foundations of the SSE, mutual societies, employers' associations and unions in the area of social economy, and SSE/local development networks.

EMESSE provides a common platform for sharing information, knowledge, and experiences, which is collaboratively managed by the various SSE stakeholders (actors, researchers, students) in order to promote the implementation of solidarity projects anchored in the territories.


The interconnected and transversal approaches of EMESSE revolve around:

  • The participatory approach: by empowering all stakeholders in the planning and decision-making process.

  • The "human rights" approach: EMESSE, through a new way of doing business, aims to promote decent and productive work for men and women in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity, and to ensure equal opportunities for all.

  • The environmental approach: through the preservation of the environment, promoting awareness of environmental issues, and the provision of training programs for green jobs.

  • The territorial approach: aimed at mobilizing local actors and strengthening their capacities.


The objectives of the association are to:

  • Promote social entrepreneurship and the economic empowerment of young people and women

  • Develop fair trade

  • Promote solidarity finance

  • Develop sustainable tourism

  • Support, upgrade and promote coordination between member organizations

  • Spread the principles and values of social and solidarity economy

  • Encourage scientific research and training in the field of social and solidarity economy