[GSEF2018] Youth Session : How the young actors have changed the society through SSE? _ PhilSEN

SSE Organisation
Youth / Education

Presented at: GSEF2018, Bilbao, Spain
Organization: Chantier De L’économie Sociale
Date: Oct 1st, 2018
Presenter: Ariane Lim
Title: The young Armmpreneurs story – young leaders for peace and sustainable development


In the Mindanao Autonomous Region of the Philippines, 59% are poor, and 91.28% of the population is Muslim. Despite the high industrial potential in the agricultural sector, the region has armed conflicts and forms a unique culture within the Philippines. To solve these regional problems, there is a CSO-SEED program that is co-funded by the EU and the British Council.
The aim of the program is to promote the ecosystem of social enterprises through the following three components; 1) Coalition building and policy engagement 2) Capacity building for social enterprise support services 3) Small-scale support services (Seed fund)

This program has educated people with the potential to solve development issues through SSE in the region. Therefore, there are many social actors, including private, the government participated in this program to revitalize the ecosystem of social enterprises.

At this point, what we have to ask is “where do young people fit in this ecosystem?”. The Young ARMMpreneurs program was born in this context. Participants were carefully selected to represent the social economy and social enterprise as ambassadors, and their mission is to create the social enterprise advocacy education entrepreneurship centre in the communities in which they are associated. The youth ARMMpreneurs program is an avenue for young people to discover the future they want for themselves, a tool to mobilize more people to the social economy and social enterprise advocacy, and a training ground for inter-generational learning.