[GSEF2016]: The Grainothèque, a seed and agricultural products library - ABSENT

SSE Organisation
Future of Work / Technology
Environment / Food

Presented at: GSEF2016 Montreal

Organisation: Ayihalo (SSE organization)

Date: September 8, 2016

Presenter: Mr.Daniel Oulai (Program Co-founder and Officer-in-Charge)


The Grainothèque is the first agricultural community library in the Ivory Coast. A tool at the service of farmers, it makes available high-quality seeds and a solar cold-storage room (agricultural products bank) for the conservation of cereals and food-producing crops after their harvest. It also offers a space for cooperative work and agricultural technique information and training kits. The Grainothèque is a unique space allowing farmers in rural areas who have not received initial training to improve their skills and their production capacity and to collectively find answers to their daily problems. A library of the future, our seed library is more than a simple collection of books. It is a know-how transmission place open to everybody, which grant every user free inclusive access to new instruments in order to boost their activity and to improve their social conditions. The Grainothéque is, therefore, a tool to fight against inequalities, rural exodus and massive migration of youth as well as a lever for social transformation.