[GSEF2016]: Socio-economic transformation through the creation of a neighbourhood Solidarity Economy network

Local Government
Urban & Rural Regeneration / Community
Governance / Eco-system
Public Policy / Legal Framework

Presented at: GSEF2016 Montreal

Organisation: Ajuntament de Barcelona (Government and public agencies)

Date: September 8, 2016

Presenter: Mr Xavier Rubio Cano (Project Technician of Cooperative, Social and Solidarity Economy)



Barcelona City Council supports, through financing and technical support, the social and community development of the solidarity economy and its territorial interactions. One of the first actions of the new administration (June 2015) was the implementation of an action plan to face the social and economic emergency. In order to do so, the newly competent municipal authorities responsible for the promotion of the solidarity economy met with social and community institutions of territories with the greater socio-economic inequality. Among them, 5 processes from 5 neighbourhoods (4 districts) willing to develop solidarity economy as a driving force in their territory were chosen (December 2015). These processes are pilot projects which, during the course of their development, are evaluated in order to be transferable to other critical realities of the 73 neighbourhoods (and 10 districts) of the city. In turn, a community agency for the spatial development of the solidarity economy is being promoted COOPOLIS.