[GSEF2016]: Identification, emerging and taking in charge of the victims of trafficking for labor exploitation

Local Government
SSE Organisation
Governance / Eco-system
Public Policy / Legal Framework
Social Service / Employment

Presented at: GSEF2016 Montreal

Organisation: Cooperativa Sociale Parsec (SSE organization)

Date: September 8, 2016

PresenterMs. Federica Dolente (President)



Parsec Cooperativa is a non-profit organization, engaged in fighting trafficking in human beings and in supporting the victims of sexual and labour exploitation.

In 2006, with funds of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Dep. Of Equal Opportunity, Parsec realized the first research on the phenomenon of severe labour exploitation in the Lazio region and started up interventions, in partnership with other non-profit organizations.

Now, the interventions are realized through a wide network of public – Lazio Region, Province of Rome, Health Institutions, etc. – and private entities – CSOs, Trade Unions, Training institutions, etc – which works in synergy to ensure hospitality, medical and psychological assistance, training, counselling and job placement.