SSE International Forum (ESS FI)

Member since: 
September 2016

SSE International Forum (ESS FI) is the International Forum of Social and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs. Since 2004, ESS FI have brought together social and solidarity economy entrepreneurs from every continent to enhance the social economy’s international profile and recognition. ESS FI aims to demonstrate that there exists another way of doing business, reconciling social, civic, environmental and economic efficiency.

ESS FI is:

  • An international network of leaders from the social and solidarity economy;
  • A sounding board for the social and solidarity economy;
  • A factory for ideas and debates;
  • A place for incubating projects;
  • Thematic international conferences.

ESS FI brings together leaders and decision-makers from:

  • Every continent/sector;
  • Across the social and solidarity economy, i.e. cooperatives, mutuals, nonprofits organizations, foundations, community groups, etc.

ESS FI brings together:

  • Representatives from unions and workers organizations, and political movements;
  • Researchers and academics;
  • Officials from international organizations.