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Damak Municipality, one of the oldest municipality of Nepal, is located in the strategic place of Mahendra Highway. It is being an emerging city of the nation, the social and economic development of the city initiated in a way along with the declaration of municipality in 1983 A.D. Damak Municipality one of the local government of Nepal is now formulating comprehensive planning and strategy to be focused on social and economic development with the vision of "Green City, Prosperous Damak". Mayor, Deputy Mayor and each Ward Chairperson with 4 members (including 50% women from each ward level as member) are elected for Municipal Assembly. Now the municipality has 52 elected members representatives for Municipal Assembly. The Assembly is an apex body which approves the overall policy, planning and budgeting for urban development. The annual plan of the municipality for FY 2019/20, it has planned some social and local economic development activities for marginalized people for their education and skill development activities.