[8th ILO SSE Academy]: Co-constructing SSE public policies and participatory governance: Thailand perspective

Gouvernement local
ESS Organisations
Governance / Eco-system
Public Policy / Legal Framework

Presented at: 8th ILO SSE Academy

Organisation: Thailand Social Enterprise Office

Date: June 29, 2017

Presenter: Mr. Nuttaphong Jaruwannaphong (Director)

Contacts: nuttaphong@tseo.or.th


Thailand, like most Asian nations, has a rather short history on the legal recognition of social enterprises. The following presentation looks over the standing of social enterprises in Thailand and the crucial role that the public, private sectors and the government play to ensure a secure footing for these social enterprises. The presentation focuses explicitly on the vital essences of the SE Promotion Act and the direct effects that this legislation has had on Thailand's social enterprises, such as unique taxation benefits and start-up grants reserved solely for certified social enterprises.

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