ONG Avacudea

Amérique Latine et Caraïbes

The NGO advance culture and environmental development "AVACUDEA" is a non-profit civil association that is constituted under the civil code, composed of persons dedicated to the promotion of work, culture, education and the practices of sectors of the social economy. AVACUDEA aims to promote, carry out and coordinate actions that affect the development of culture, the environment, work and education of the sectors of the social economy in the country, to raise the quality of life as a priority for the people of Cajamarca and of Peru in general. 

For the fulfilment of its purposes, it carries out the following activities: a) research, consultancy and consultancies and the development of new forms of governance of culture b) programs, projects and campaigns of awareness for the protection of the environment and promotion of tourism d) promotion of work and education in sectors of the social economy. e) establishes strategic alliances with national and foreign public or private institutions for the fulfilment of institutional purposes.