Economic and Social Development Center of Palestine (ESDC)

Membre depuis: 
septembre 2018

ESDC, a member-based organization with 3 members, was established in 2003 to work on developing the Palestinian social economy in the rural and marginalized areas with special focus on cooperatives and women self-help group.

Working within the needs of the Palestinian social economy, and immediate needs of the target groups, ESDC works within two spheres to meet the development and humanitarian needs of people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip:

  1. Capacity development;
  2. Livelihood and Food Security

Vision and Goals


  • A socially just Palestinian society in which the individuals are economically independent. 


  • Enabling disadvantaged and vulnerable groups to engage in competitive economic activities"

Main activities

  • Capacity development
  • Resource management
  • Institutionalization
  • Supporting development of business
  • Humanitarian support and self-help

ESDC expects, that through GSEF, networking will be improved for ESDC and the organizations it serves. Further, as Palestine is still in the development stages as an independent state, ESDC expects that it will be able to have exchanges of experience and models with members that share the same characteristics of Palestine.