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POJet hosts a dialogue session on the refugee reintegration into communities

POJet is hosting a dialogue session ''How to reintegrate former refugees into their community?" on 14th, 21st April 2018 at Toulépleu, conference room of the Red Cross. 


Successive crises (2002 and 2010) in Côte d'Ivoire caused the massive displacement ofpeople to neighboring countries, including Liberia and Guinea. The end of the crisis in 2011, stabilityand the availability of humanitarian aid have facilitated the voluntary return of many refugeesIvorian. Today, statistical data on repatriation (spontaneous and organized) show thatmajority of Ivorian refugees have returned to their place of origin even though a significant numberLiberia and other neighboring countries.Although humanitarian aid has been important to meet the needs of the returned andDespite the efforts of the state to consolidate stability and ensure a climate of social peace, many remainstill to be done to fill the gap of need. The situation of many returned to their hometownreturn remains precarious and is therefore not conducive to sustainable reintegration. Problems of mistrustwidespread impact on intercommunal relations and even between civilian and military populations,the problems of social cohesion remain, exacerbated by tensions related to land conflicts. Also,access to livelihoods, land, employment and basic social infrastructure remainsproblematic for most Ivorians in general and returnees in particular.

* for further details please refer to attached the programme (available only in French)