Human Resource Development Foundation (HRDF)

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décembre 2017

About HRDF

The Human Resource Development Foundation (HRDF) is:

  • a network of grassroot level people 
  • a movement working for the empowerment of Dalit and other most disadvantaged communities to live with dignity and economic equality along with ecological protection for the sustainable development of the future generation.

The coordination centre is based in Thirukazhukundram, Kanchipuram district in Tamilnadu. The HRDF network operates in the state of Tamilnadu. We have members (local self-government peoples movement and civil society organisations) who are working with Dalit communities for their dignity and economic empowerment along with conservation of ecology resources for sustainable development.


Promoting society with participatory democracy, equitable and sustainable development and respect for human rights of dalit and other disadvantaged communities.


Promoting a collective forum of peoples organizations to create a united voice to uphold the human centred economy and sustainable development of disadvantaged communities with their the dignity of living with nature.


  • Projecting to empower the disadvantaged community with livelihood development
  • Promotion of creative eco-friendly social enterprises to revive the local economy
  • Skill building
  • Programs to create decent job advocacy
  • Lobby for the policy-making process to create a local economy through social enterprises unit by local self-government
  • Protection of environmental conservation


In the management structure, we have 1700 members. In the general body, we have social enterprises groups, elected local self-government representatives and village development planning committee representatives and civil society organizations; these actors also elect The Executive Committee.

What do we expect from the GSEF?

  1. We are expecting support from GSEF such as advice, exposure and marketing linkages for strengthening the social enterprises created by HRDF.
  2. GSEF may support to promote networks for emphasizing the policies for strengthening local areas which have economy and social enterprises in India.
  3. We are expecting support from GSEF for creating linkages with financial institutions for the promotion of social enterprises and community finance.


Other membership or network to which we are affiliated:

  1. Dalit Panchayat President Federation
  2. Women Panchayat President Federation
  3. Women Cooperative Organic Agriculture Federation
  4. Tamilnadu Land Rights Caders Federation
  5. The National Campaign for Dalit and Human Rights
  6. Peoples budget initiatives