In addition to the biannual GSEF forums (GSEF2014 Seoul, GSEF2016 Montreal, GSEF2018 Bilbao, GSEF2020 Mexico City), GSEF implements various projects with its members and international partners broadly in five key dimensions to continue the momentum of promoting the social economy globally. 


1. Knowledge Exchange and Training 

For exchange of knowledge and experiences among members, the GSEF provides various opportunities for capacity-building training, regional policy dialogues, or learning sessions and works with the specialized organization in international knowledge transfer on SSE. Notably, the GSEF Policy Dialogue is a regional gathering of policymakers and SSE practitioners to share each region’s experiences to enhance SSE policy environments in Asia, Europe and other continents. 

2. Research 

The GSEF collaborates with internationally renowned researchers and research institutes such as UNRISD (United Nations Research Institute for Social Development) and Karl Polanyi Institue of Political Economy to scale and evaluate SSE activities in the members’ territories and publishes policy papers on their potentials and impacts.

 3. Networking

The GSEF offers a platform for SSE practitioners in public and civil sectors to exchange their ideas, to find potential partners, and to build up the network of support and solidarity. For example, the Global Youth Camp for SSE was the first trial to establish a network of inspiration and mutual learning for young practitioners of SSE. The GSEF is planning to organize various small networks in the forum according to our members’ interest and needs

4. International Advocacy 

In collaboration with international organizations- intergovernmental organizations in UN system, international civil networks, and other institutions, the GSEF put its utmost effort to advocate for the potential of SSE as a strategy for achieving the global goals including the Sustainable Development Goals or the New Urban Agenda. 

5. Communication

To facilitate the communication among GSEF members, the website, monthly e-newsletter and SNS(Facebook and Twitter) are being operated by the secretariat. Since 2018, the working group on communication is formed with five steering committee member organizations- The city of Montréal, Chantier de L’économie Sociale, RIPESS, IFSSE, and Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCAs- and continues to discuss to develop a more active exchange of news and ideas throughout the network.