[WUF9] 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking & Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN)

South Asia
SSE Organisation
Social enterprise

Presented at ​WUF9 (World Urban Forum) Networking Event 

Date ​11th Feb, 2018

Organisation 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking & Empowering Women of Nepal

Presenter ​Archana Chhetri

Country Nepal


The ‘3 Sisters Adventure Trekking and Empowerment women of Nepal (EWN)’ which providing employment opportunities to socially and geographically disadvantaged women by involving them in the adventure tourism business and providing training and education programs for girls for their economic and social empowerment. These businesses are the results of consideration of the regional economic structures and culturally imposed constraints on women in Nepal. So, the case is establishing the good precedent to the youth who are contemplating the way to deal with their own regional issues and building the self-supporting economy.