[WUF9] PhilSEN (Philippine Social Enterprise Network)

Southeast Asia
Social enterprise

Presented at ​WUF9 (World Urban Forum) Networking Event 

Date ​11th Feb, 2018

Organisation Philippine Social Enterprise Network

Presenter ​Ariane Lim 

Country  Philippine


Arian Lim from PhilSEN (Philippine Social Enterprise Network) introduced their main activities and the backgrounds of the organization. In the Philippines, more than 160,000 social enterprises, have been growing rapidly for the past two years. According to the PhilSEN’s research, the most benefitted objects through the social enterprises are local community, various types of organizations and women, etc. However, limited access to capital and funding were the biggest barriers to growth of social enterprises. Based on theses situations PhilSEN has been trying to improve the acknowledgment of social enterprises, therefore they have  been working on the legalization of supporting programs for social enterprises such as ‘PRESENT Bill’ or on the education programs like ‘CSO-SEED PROJECT’. Recently, they have made ‘Youth Social Economy Network (YSEN)’ to provide opportunities to youth-led groups for educating SSE acknowledges.